Ol’ Blue Eye for sale

Unforgettable Fame

Okay, so maybe that’s not his real name, but by golly I’ve already got his barn name figured out.

Unforgettable Fame is a 2011 colt that will bedazzle his onlookers.  He’s got a beautiful conformation developing as he’s still growing into himself.  In addition, the colt has a mind-blowing head with dish, refinement, chisel and expression.

This colt is Sweepstakes Nominated and MN Medalion; also CA Clear and tested bay.  It might be worth waiting for him to develop into a more mature horse to see if he’d make a great addition to the breeding barn.  I certainly think there’s potential for him.

There’s no shortage of the potential coming through his pedigree, too.  He’s by Rough Justice, son of WH Justice and out of a Nadir I daughter.  This colt’s dam carries lines to Fame VF, Cajun Prince HCF, *Padron and Promotion.  The lineage has the modern flash to keep breeders interested but also has quality that can continue improve the breed.  This is beneficial for any breeder who has an eye for dramatic coloring.

He’s priced reasonably well and for the person who wants a fresh colt to raise, train and bring to greatness, he could be your candidate.

See his listing here: http://www.horseclicks.com/western_pleasure_prospect/advert/217112

and here: http://www.horseville.com/php/view.php?id=303193


8 thoughts on “Ol’ Blue Eye for sale

  1. Boy o boy!! What a guy!! I love the way his breeders breed!! (If you take a look at the first two mares you’ll know why!!) Here is a link to their website for sale page:
    I’ve got a question for y’all(I already know one persons answer): Are you for or against the blue eye?
    I personally don’t mind it on the right horse, and in this case it works beautifully, especialy from the front.
    All in all, beautiful colt, who I can already see red roses in his future!

    1. I think that’s a great question to ask! I know there are some folks who see a blue eye as a conformation fault, while others find it to be the perfect accent on their Arabian.

      I personally would never go out of my way to acquire any breed of horse with a blue eye, but I don’t find it to be a fault that signifies weakness of any kind.

      On this colt, it only seems to enhance his traits (and he is a fine colt without the blue eye factored in).

    2. I was just waiting for somebody to ask me that question. Personally I do not like it on any horse and it really looks weird on an Arab!

  2. As a person who has a stallion with one blue eye, and owned another with two brown eyes, but had parents who had three of their four eyes blue, I am not against blue eyes. Playing Devil’s Advocate here: if blue eyes are a fault, are they worse than bad legs, bad temperaments, straight fronts and shallow barrels? What about croups so straight they’re non-functional?

    Color is an interesting thing–we are able to immediately approve of it or be prejudiced against it. Bad legs and temperaments might be hidden long enough to make it through the show ring unnoticed, but will definitely impact the breeding shed. Or we choose to look the other way at bad croups and weedy barrels, but color refuses to let you do the ostrich in the sand.

    I love any color Arabian. A good horse does not come in a bad color (unless it’s tied to a fatal syndrome).

    1. I have no idea if it is a fault or not and if it is, then I agree with your comment Mare. I don’t like blue eyes in dogs too, so it is just a personal thing, it freaks me out a little. Now I love blue eyes on a person 🙂

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