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Let me just say that I am so so totally in LOVE with this stallion.  I want to introduce you to a truly classic stallion and I sincerely hope that anyone reading this article will not only keep this stallion on your roster but that you will tell your Arabian breeding friends about him.

Readers, Star Andromeda, or “Andy” is a “star stallion” in carrying the Azraff/Ferzon lineage forward.  He will be standing at Whitegates Ranch for the 2013 breeding season and the plan is to breed him to many of the Whitegates mares as well.

I saw the announcement for this on Facebook and when I saw the head shot of this stallion, my jaw dropped.  He is stunning and so very classic!  Andy has a truly compact head with soulful large eyes, small ears and a teacup nose.  I don’t see this very much anymore in the show circuits and it really bothers me.  Here’s something else that is dynamic and cool about his head.  You will see that his profile shot shows a deep jaw, a small nose and yet his head doesn’t have an extreme dish.  I know there are many out there who will appreciate this factor!

Just to look at his body conformation gives me goosebumps.  He has a gorgeous neck length and set, deep chest, a nice short back, balanced torso to haunch and I could sing many praises about his legs.

Star Andromeda is like a time capsule of traits, qualities and heritage that you will not find in just any stallion.  He is an important contribution to the breed and should be seriously considered for stud to any Arabian broodmare owner out there.  Andy will help tip the balance between modern trends and maintaining what was once a reality and not just textbook sketches.

Digging into Andy’s pedigree, you’ll find a wealth of access to the Azraff/Ferzon blend.  If you look at all the available photos of the horses listed in his pedigree, you will see this ongoing trend of beautiful balance coupled with classic type.  There is a lot of Gainey focused strategy weaved throughout.

Through his sire line, you’ll see Ferzon, Lewisfield lines, Gay-Rouge, and Royal Diamond.  Andy’s dam is a Gainey mare, Gai Serada by Gai Parada and with another link to Gay-Rouge.  It’s truly a beautiful weave of some of the greats of old-American breeding.

I am of course, enthusiastic about him existing and being sourced as a sire.  I hope to see plenty of his get continue to exhibit and pass along his traits and qualities.

For more information about Star Andromeda, be sure to visit the Whitegates Ranch and also join the Azraff/Ferzon Consortum on Facebook.


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  1. WOW…..WOW….WOW!!! 😀 Those eyes…..!!! *SWWOON* What a nicely put together guy! All together correct and old-school typey – Lovely 😀

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