Unique and Gorgeous Arabian Art

Arabian Brown Horse by Mukarram Sousli
Arabian Brown Horse

I stumbled across a most interesting Artist, Mukarram Sousli, based in Turkey today. Three of his art pieces really caught my attention and I wanted to share some of his notable pieces with you!

Arabian Black Horse by Mukarram Sousli
Arabian Black Horse

Arabian Brown Horse, Arabian Black Horse and Arabian White Horse, all available as originals, but also available in prints!

Arabian White Horse by Mukarram Sousli
Arabian White Horse

The art pieces have a lovely Middle Eastern flair to them: one showing a lovely nighttime desert, one a midday desert, and the other resembles a stable/corral setting. I could see all three of these making a lovely trio in a great room, dining area, etc.

Be sure to see all of his lovely work, including abstracts, women, and exotic birds.  Enjoy: http://www.saatchiart.com/account/artworks/442907

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