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The Bergrens are yet again making waves with their prized young stallion, Ali Nadal B.  He’s doing a spectacular job in the show ring, and impressing the socks off of people at the Egyptian Event.

My own fascination with this stallion has more to do with the dynamic of his pedigree and how that dynamic could yield unique and spectacular results in the Arabian Horse gene pool.

If you don’t know by now, I’m a big fan of “time layering” breeding strategies.  I can’t scientifically prove why I think it’s a great strategy, but I can say that it seems to lend a hand to genetic diversity when you can defy time, and cross a modern gene pool with one that would have been more prevalent say, 20 or even 30 years ago.

This is the potential I see when Ali Nadal B shows up on the scene.  Not only do I think his impact will benefit the breeding barn now, I am actually even more interested his contribution as a 20 year old breeding stallion.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Ali Nadal B is a direct Ruminaja Ali son in 2015.  Ruminaja Ali was foaled in 1976.

The one and only, Ruminaja Ali

Just imagine breeding a 2028 mare to a direct Ruminaja Ali son. That is an amazing time lapse and one way to add diversity to your breeding gene pool, while infusing some of the classic greatness that could be forgotten if breeding trends lose focus on the real values.

The great thing about Ali Nadal B, is that he is a solid, quality stallion all on his own.  I find him to be a tall glass of water to look at, because he exhibits so many of my favorite aspects in Arabian horse conformation.

First, his head is classic and beautiful; while not ‘beyond-extreme’.  While I find exotic Arabians to be pretty, some horses tend to seem bordering on eccentric when it comes to the head dish.  Not everyone who appreciates the Arabian breed likes this look.  Ali Nadal B offers true classic beauty in his type.

Everything else about his conformation from his neck to his tail is just absolutely refreshing.  He’s correct and truly smooth bodied with a nice even topline.  His withers are balanced in height, his natural neck and throat latch are gorgeous, and his legs are awesome!  His legs exhibit healthy bone density, strong joints and cannon bone length that promotes durability under pressure.

Showboat CAHR

Ali Nadal B is a solid breeding choice and definitely at the top of my list, but it’s not just for the reasons listed above.  His dam, Showboat CAHR, carries powerful genetics that seal the deal.  Notable individuals in her pedigree are her sire Safeen, son of Ibn Safinaz, as well as her several ties to the Ansata lines.  The one particular nugget of “wow”, is to see the great Bint Mona on her female tail line.  Bint Mona is the dam of The Egyptian Prince.

Whether your goals are to breed for Straight Egyptian, or perhaps weave some quality Egyptian lines into the breeding program you currently nurture, Ali Nadal B makes for a truly solid breeding decision.  I look forward to seeing his stamp on the breed through his sons and daughters.

If you happen to choose Ali Nadal B, definitely let me know in the comments and tell me about your mare(s)!

Egyptian Event 2015
Egyptian Event 2015

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