Patricia Borum – Artist of the Fountains

Arabian Horse Fountain by Patricia Borum

You may have seen these shared on Facebook. I was certainly stopped in my Social Media tracks. There wasn’t a link to the artist listed on the picture flying around, so I did some research and found Patricia Borum, artist of the fountains.

Gorgeous water fountains graced with equine majesty; err, correction. These horses aren’t just gracing, they’re practically coming to life as they enjoy the refreshing running waters of these elegantly designed landscape fountains.

Upon viewing these pictures (just imagine experiencing the real thing in your own garden), I’m instantly taken into some dreamland of a quaint European garden, nestled with rolling hills and delightful cottage flowers. How completely serene and calming to take in the gentle running water and the timeless artwork.

Two Horses Drinking

And just for us Arabian horse fans, Patricia crafted an Arabian horse drinking from the fountain as well. Yes, dream come true!

Definitely head over to her website order one of these amazing fountains. Your garden will thank you for the makeover.

She also does Bronze Sculptures, Fiberglass and Bas Relief and Monumental Sculptures to peruse through.  You might just find the perfect addition to your decorating goals!


Patricia Borum – Horse Sculpture Artist

Patricia Borum with clay Mermare model for a bronze
Patricia Borum with clay Mermare model for a bronze.

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