Artist Feature: Glassclaw Studio – Heather Sampson


During the Holiday season, I stumbled upon a fine artist who does Pastel Pencil based work.  I think of descriptions like “strong contrast”, “textured”, and “vibrant” when I feel her art.  Some of her art features Arabian horses as well as other horse breeds, and she does a stellar job of capturing their presence, expression and realism in these detailed drawings.

Heather Sampson has also covered dogs, felines, fowl and fish.  I dove into her gallery and found a personal favorite out of the non-horse category, The Onlooker.  They eyes are perfectly captivating and I connect with the spirit of the work she’s crafted here.

If you join the Glassclaw Studio Facebook page. you will be treated to regular postings of work she is doing.

If you’re seeking an artist to do commission work of your Arabian horse, Sampson is available and can be contacted by her e-mail: h_sampson at comcast dot net

Deviant Art link:

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