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Arabian Glimmer is heading into a new era and a new direction. Formerly an Arabian horse blog, it’s now becoming a portfolio to showcase my Equine leaning artwork.

More to come soon!

The blog is still available to read through the Blog section.




Who is running Arabian Glimmer?

My name is Amy Jording and I have been diligently studying and curiously admiring Arabian horses for 25 years.  Arabians are my passion, a breed I care deeply about.  Their well being, balanced disposition and happiness are my first concern; genetic diversity and the pursuit of overall high quality conformation and performance are my very close second goal.

What has been the drive for the blog?

As a fan of the breed since 1992, I have been watching and studying Arabians for quite some time.  Always having that dream of establishing my very own breeding farm one day.

My big farm started with a neglected yearling filly.  She was amazing to me, being my very first horse ever.  Yeah, it is a little weird to think that a first-time horse owner who was only 12 would start with a yearling Arabian filly.  Amazingly, miraculously, it worked out.  I learned a lot about the reality of horse ownership and my horse was graciously patient with my shortcomings.

The filly was rough looking when I first got her.  Nothing like the polished pretty things in Arabian Horse World.  She had a cracked hoof and was ‘wormy’.  With love and hard work, I was able to get her into much better condition.

Then it was time to learn how to train and communicate with her.  Fortunately, there were some folks around who helped me along, and I was able to get well-mannered filly out of her.  We regularly worked on lunging, since she was too young to ride.  I didn’t mind.

I’ve always been an odd sort of horse owner; in that I’ve never felt exceptionally drawn to horses for the purpose of riding.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the magic of riding a horse.  However, my passion for them has always carried a more artistic focus rather than a functional one.  Thus, my knack for cataloging thousands of pedigrees into my memory due to pattern recognition while studying the breed.

My life has taken to many different directions, not always including horses.  This has mostly been due to the fact that I’ve never lived on a property that supports horses.  All the while, I have always been studying the breed and pouring over the many wonderful Arabians throughout history up until today.

Because I have a pretty open mind with my appreciation of the different types of Arabians, I tend to enjoy conjuring up breeding strategies with a number of factors in mind – depending on the goal of the breeder.

And while I don’t claim to be a first-hand expert with running a breeding program, I do have the sense to notice the breed’s evolution and potential, through studying the programs of the past and present.

My hope, in sharing some breeding strategies and gene pool sources (aka breeding horses), is that it can offer you, the reader, a resource for yourself.  Perhaps you already have a tried and true strategy that works for your farm.  I’d love to hear about it and have you share it with other readers.

You might be an upcoming breeder or even a veteran who is interested in new approaches, or sources you haven’t thought of before.  Again, this is the goal of Arabian Glimmer, to offer ‘glimmers’ of inspiration and ideas for your own strategy!

My heart is in this for the horses.  My heart is also in this for anyone who genuinely wants to enjoy Arabians and care for the well-being of their own horses and the future of the Arabian breed.

As with just about every facet of life, when we get caught up in trends, politics and ego, the good intentions can go awry.  The Arabian breed is popular and it’s a sport-slash-hobby for the wealthy.  This can be good and bad, but it certainly leaves a lot of room for trends, politics and ego to infiltrate.

By all means, as breeders and contributors of the breed’s ongoing success, we should have the right to include our own preferences.  It’s part of this wonderful journey.  We should also care for the well-being of these horses, as they have no choice but to carry our wishes along in their daily lives.  So let’s encourage good practices in this husbandry and breed for the health, strength and mind; avoiding cosmetic trends that can ultimately cause physical impairment and mental instability.  And let’s keep those wonderful pedigrees alive and well in the gene pool – the ones that could be forgotten if we lose sight of what’s good for the breed – by reducing focus on what pleases the popular trends.

I encourage you all to be visionaries and let yourselves be the architects of your breeding program and strategy.  And get out there to spend quality time with your horses.

On a final note, Arabian Glimmer is also about celebrating everything Arabian!  So there will be art, videos, toys and more.  Gotta let that inner ‘little-girl’ gush over those pretty horses! (Sorry guys.)

Have a story, horse or artwork?  Contact me!

I love learning and sharing about the breed and the people who make this wonderful horse what it is today!  Please feel free to participate and share.

Be sure to get in touch with me if you would like to have your horse or program posted on the blog.