A lazy Sunday

It’s a lazy Sunday, so I thought I’d share more photos; horses of history for reference. The stallions, you may be more familiar with. I included two mares, one is a Penitent daughter and the other is an Aswan daughter. Both can be found in pedigrees today.     Kawalkada Celebes El Hilal Nadira Courtesy […]

Russian Stallion: Papillon

One of my Twitter pals randomly mentioned a stallion that she likes and gave me a name: Papillon.  I’ll be honest, I really didn’t know who he was until I looked him up. Papillon is a 1993 grey stallion with a heavy red flea-bitten pattern.  He has a certain exotic flair to him that sets […]

First Cyte

It was just a few blog posts ago that I wrote about a mare who happened to remind me of this lovely stallion, First Cyte.  First Cyte was crowned U.S. National Champion Stallion in 2000; but he also won numerous top titles before that championship.  He took the Canadian National Champion Stallion title and the […]