The purpose of Arabian Glimmer

I’ve updated the “start” page aka About page of Arabian Glimmer today… but I also wanted to share the excerpt I wrote today.  It just gives you an idea of what the purpose is of Arabian Glimmer, and what my goals are in sharing with you all!  Enjoy!  And feel free to give me feedback!! […]

Listings from around the web.

Here’s a stunner! This is HU-Rhazandra, a 2010 homozygous black mare with heavy Egyptian lineage. She has a super pretty head, correct neck an a smooth body from the looks of it.  A sound investment for the breeder of black Arabians.  Check out her ad here:       This mare is a pretty […]

NYN Imani Bengali – An amazing opportunity!

For anyone who is looking for that perfect broodmare to add to their breeding program, may I direct your attention to this gorgeous bay Arabian mare with a powerhouse pedigree! NYN Imani Bengali is a ten year old mare featuring large and gorgeous “marble” eyes, chiseled ears, and sports an uncanny resemblance to the “Ali” […]

Besson Carol x NYN Imani Bengali

NYN Habari: A True Gem

The stallion I am going to write about is a horse you’ll want to pay attention to and tell your friends about.  It’s not every day, even in today’s “buyer’s market” that you will find a stallion with the pedigree and the meticulous breeding strategy that backs him. NYN Habari is a prime young 2009 […]

Jullyens Khnight

Okay, I REALLY like this gelding, Jullyens Khnight!  I think he picked up all the right traits you could hope for from the sort of pedigree he has.  The 2004 cherry bay has an outstanding body conformation and a particularly amazing croup to hindquarter.  I think you might also notice a handsome set of four white […]